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One year home

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been back in the States for a year now. The one-year mark came and went and I probably wouldn’t even have thought of it had it not been for Facebook’s weird memories thing. (I … Continue reading

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Samoan Day 2014

Manu’a High School’s Samoan Day celebration was held Friday morning in the school’s gym. Samoan Day is typically the culminating event of each school year. It is a celebration of Samoan customs and traditions. Each class is given the task … Continue reading

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This is (American) Samoa

After several frustratingly unsuccessful attempts to leave Ta’u, we finally made it to Tutuila on Sunday. We had a lovely two-day WorldTeach mid-service conference and now we are free to frolic about on the paved roads. Our first order of … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving in the South Pacific

Our Thanksgiving was a lot like it would’ve been at home, but with more beaches, sunshine, snorkeling, and puppies. (Okay so nothing like home.) It was strange being away from family, but we ended up having a great time with … Continue reading

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A busy week on a tiny island

The dentist came to our school on Wednesday. Apparently the dentist comes to Ta’u once a year; if you need to see him any other time then you have to fly to Tutuila. Since there’s only a small health clinic … Continue reading

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Flight Night!

Can you believe we’ve already been here for almost 3 weeks? Orientation has been really intense, but it’s starting to wind down so I have some free time tonight to update the ol’ blogerewski. Tomorrow we will present our final … Continue reading

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You may ask yourself “Well, how did I get here?”

In April or May of 2010, I stumbled on a link to the WorldTeach website while doing my weekly “I hate working in an office and not making a difference” search for long-term missionary and/or volunteer positions abroad. I had for many years … Continue reading

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