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Educational Focus: Good Grades vs Good People

This is my friend, Jessie, who was a WorldTeach volunteer at one of the elementary schools out here last year. She recently delivered this fantastic speech at a TED conference in Michigan.┬áJessie is definitely in my Top 5 Favorite WorldTeachers … Continue reading

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In which I rant incoherently about educational spending.

A few weeks ago I left my classroom looking like this: And the next day when I walked into my room it looked like this: But now it looks like this: You guys. I have a SMARTboard. I’m so torn … Continue reading

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This is why we’re here.

Today I had my students write letters to me detailing their learning expectations for the year. One student (who was the cause of so many headaches last year — violent and threatening to both his classmates and me) deviated a … Continue reading

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