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Letting go | Being here

Lately I dream of Manu’a nearly every night. It’s almost always the same dream: Wes and I have just “stopped by” Faleasao for the day. We run into the new WorldTeach volunteers, who are busy unpacking and mostly disinterested in … Continue reading

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Island grocery shopping

Sometimes I’m just going about my regular life here when all-of-a-sudden-outta-nowhere I realize that something I now find wholly ordinary is actually kind of ridiculous and absurd. Today while the Beard and I were discussing how bummed we were that … Continue reading

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The Fa’amalosi Post

The Saturday after Valentine’s Day, I was feeling particularly down about a lot of the day-to-day frustrations of life here.  I was sweeping our yard in preparation of bingo and one thought led to another and then another until I … Continue reading

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