Wait, really?

This morning as I was fighting Atlanta traffic to make it to the office on time, it occurred to me that I only have a few more weeks of this commute. I’m not really sure what life-without-a-commute is like; since moving here in 2003, I’ve gotten progressively farther away from home. (Imaging Tech was about 17 miles away; CWI about 20; my current office is around 30.) It’s not so bad, but it makes for a long day.

So as I was merging onto 285, I realized that the end is near! Soon, my commute will consist of a short walk or bus ride, or maybe even just a jump into the bed of a passing truck. No more wondering why we aren’t moving when there isn’t even a wreck, or worrying about whether the guy behind me is going to stop texting in time to see that traffic has stopped. Imagine!

I also realized that our Amazing Family Vacation is next week! We are going to Kitschville, USA to see the whole fam. I haven’t been in the same room with all of them since my brother’s wedding in 2008!! I’m stoked about seeing everyone. El Dave the Elder just turned 30, and my baby brother and his wife are expecting their first child! I have no idea how or when we got so old. I love Georgia, and I’m sure my brothers love Missouri (although I’ll never understand why), but I do regret that living so far away from one another has robbed us of having the sort of relationship brothers & sisters are supposed to have. Sad face. So, I’m pretty stoked about this trip, even if it means I have to spend time in Missouri.

In other news, after the Amazing Family Vacation, there’s only one more week of April and then…and then… wait, really? It’ll be May? Already? That means we only have two more full months of regular life until we leave for Am. Sam!!

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For three years, I lived on a tiny little island in the South Pacific called Ta'u, where I taught elementary and high school English. Much of this blog is a chronicle of my time there, and of the travels we were able to do while we were on that side of the world. Now, I'm doing a different kind of travelling in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and two children.
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