Move, Moving, Moved. (via Leap from the Lion's Head)

Today is the last day in our home.  Someone else will live there for a while.  It's pretty exciting.  The past two weeks have been extremely busy with moving and cleaning.  I'm looking forward to resting for a bit.  One thing I have realized in this move is that we have a lot of stuff.   A whole lot.  Packratism (Pack-rat-ism: the art of hoarding things that have little or no real value, but potentially have substantial value in the future) runs … Read More

via Leap from the Lion's Head

About Cat Q.

For three years, I lived on a tiny little island in the South Pacific called Ta'u, where I taught elementary and high school English. Much of this blog is a chronicle of my time there, and of the travels we were able to do while we were on that side of the world. Now, I'm doing a different kind of travelling in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and two children.
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