You may ask yourself “Well, how did I get here?”

In April or May of 2010, I stumbled on a link to the WorldTeach website while doing my weekly “I hate working in an office and not making a difference” search for long-term missionary and/or volunteer positions abroad. I had for many years dreamed of joining the Peace Corps after college, and going to Haiti in March really cemented my desire to do long-term, full-time aid/volunteer work.  So as soon as I read about WorldTeach, I forwarded the website to Wes. Wes and I had discussed the Peace Corps several times over the years but neither of us really believed in the program (more on that later…maybe). WorldTeach was different. We were both instantly excited about the work WT is doing all over the world, and knew we wanted to be involved. We looked over several different programs, talked about where we’d like to go, what we’d have to do to leave our lives in Georgia for a year, and finally decided to apply to the American Samoa program. (Awesomeness.) We began the process in June, interviewed in July, completed the application in August, and were accepted in September.  This January, we will receive the rest of the program information and will officially confirm our participation.

Please visit the WT website at the link above to learn more about the organization. They also offer short-term, summer  (open to undergrads!) and semester-long programs.

Next post: American Samoa

About Cat Q.

For three years, I lived on a tiny little island in the South Pacific called Ta'u, where I taught elementary and high school English. Much of this blog is a chronicle of my time there, and of the travels we were able to do while we were on that side of the world. Now, I'm doing a different kind of travelling in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and two children.
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